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Evaluation, Treatment

At your first visit we perform a complete health history and evaluation from both a conventional and traditional Eastern medical standpoint. We identify your regions of pain and your limitations with activities of daily living. We discuss your goals and expected treatment outcomes. We walk you through the process of acupuncture, answer any questions and perform your first treatment. 


Treatment Plan

You receive a personalized treatment plan / plan of care which outlines acupuncture treatment frequency, when to expect results, nutraceutical supplementation, dietary guidance, lifestyle and occupational suggestions, additional Eastern medicine modalities, and healthcare referrals as needed. Our integrative approach aims to maximize improvement with your condition.


Preventative Guidance

Once your recovery begins, we manage an ongoing preventative care plan to prevent pain from reoccurring, which may include: therapeutic exercise programs, physical therapy referral, herbal medicine prescriptions, lifestyle adjustments, and referrals to other healthcare providers. The preventative care plan is essential to maintaining your healing progress.

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